Hunter Crew – Film Stars

Sure Foundation have paid for 50% of the Mission’s WiFi for 2 years, this enables us to share the package with our Seafarers so they can make contact with home, which is very important to them. Sure Foundation via Orchard PR and with the assistance of Oly Dempster, arranged to take some footage in the […]

Gifts for Jigger Crew

This year the Mission gave out useful draw string bags to the crew’s from the Fortuna Jiggers as they came ashore to do their Health and Safety Training. They were very well received as you will see from the Photograph. Having trialled this we have now ordered sufficient for ALL crew (Jigger or otherwise) to […]

HMS Glamorgan

Twelve veterans of HMS Glamorgan made a visit to the Falkland Islands in order to pay tribute to the fourteen comrades who lost their lives on the morning of 12th June 1982 when the vessel was hit by an Argentine missile, fired from Hookers Point. It was a privilege to have met and talked with […]

New TV for the Mission

Fishermen can now enjoy whatever sport they like from anywhere in the Mission on this 85″ TV with soundbar. This was bought with a grant from the MNWB, so thank you very much.

New Boiler for the Mission

Thanks to a Grant from the MNWB we were able to replace our old boiler which we had in fact outgrown and put in a new one, inside and get it neatly boxed in. We are very grateful for this grant for something that needed to be done. A warm note to start the new […]

Christmas Cheer for Pharos

As would be expected we always visit the ships alongside at Christmas. However Pharos will be in South Georgia over the Christmas period, hence our early visit this year. It never fails when going on board, the brilliant reception we receive, and at the end of the day we are only offering a small gift. […]


On our way back into Port following the scattering of Ashes we saw two of regular visitors to Stanley. Namely MT Sealion and Cruise Ship Roald Amundsen….not a view we normally get to see as the Cruise Ship bunkers from the Tanker.

HMS Sheffield – Act of Remembrance

Many miles have been travelled to enable  two widows ( Evelyn Glasby and Jane Stockdale ) to pay tribute as they scattered the ashes of their partners ( Dave Glasby and Paul Stockdale ) supported by Brian Jones – Shaun Lee – Richie Dodd and Sandra Cartwright . All the men were shipmates aboard HMS […]

8th Annual Christmas Tree Festival

This year’s Christmas Tree Festival – our 8th took place between 7th and 10th December 2023. Once again it proved to be a great success – with many more visitors both local and tourists from the Cruise Ship. The static display (always kept a secret until the opening) delighted both young and old. Possibly the […]

Ride of Respect

As Port Chaplain together with the LSM Staff we are often called upon to conduct a variety of duties – This includes many services with 1982 Veterans On the 1st November 2023. Two Members of 9 Para Royal Engineers – Veterans of 1982 – Paul Moore and Charlie McColgan Over 5 years they have conducted […]